Ketotifen: TNF alpha > More Than Allergy: Important to Heart Disease, Autism, Alzheimer’s and more…

We know that ketotifen helps to stabilize mast cells.  So do a variety if natural substances like curcumin. But there seems to be times a medication is required. When it is – ketotifen may be a good choice.  Look at what happens when a mast cell is triggered – a huge warehouse of immune chemistry if unloaded.


Graphic Credit: Guo-Ping Shi, DSc (

From a mother of a child with autism: “The pollen became quite high here in the South again on Friday, and it really showed in his behavior – terrible upset and aggression at school. I began using the drops twice a day beginning yesterday, and it really made a positive difference for him.  Despite a 3300 pollen count today, his behavior has been good. Ketotifen is the first antihistamine to which my son has not developed an adverse reaction and which also seems to be effective for him — a double win!”

I had recommended she use the OTC Ketotifen eye drops in his nose.  This is not always easy in allergy but if you can pull it off it is frequently a WOW – just like this mom tells us.

That complicated graphic explains why – at least in part. 



This interesting article from the cardiovascular research arena, shows how remarkably ketotifen protects the heart by suppressing the release of TNF-alpha.

That is exactly the effect we may need in the brain of children with ASD, grandparents with Alzheimer’s and anyone during a heart attack.  Recognizing when TNF alpha is not defending, but instead harming us – will be a critical part of progressive medical care.

About Dr Bradstreet
Dr Bradstreet is a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Medicine and received his residency training at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. He is extensively published in the peer-reviewed literature on subjects of autism, oxidative stress, mitochondrial disorders, virology, hyperbaric oxygen, and toxicology (especially heavy metal chelation). He is trained in the the isolation and use of stem cells.

6 Responses to Ketotifen: TNF alpha > More Than Allergy: Important to Heart Disease, Autism, Alzheimer’s and more…

  1. Karin says:

    After over 3 years of ‘traditional’ DAN! protocol (and great results), my son was started on oral ketotifen in summer 2010. It is always difficult to be certain of what is doing what with just one data point, but since last summer my son has been doing amazing. He’s improved accross the board: less OCD, more diverse interests, more social, less anxious, less hyper, much more focused, fewer complains of abdominal pain, growth spurt, more appetite, etc… He has improved so much in his ability to focus, work independently and understand social clues, that the school changed his IEP to have him mainstreamed 90% in Kindergarten.

    My son had already been on Singulair for 4 years and on quercetin for a few months, but the addition of oral ketotifen has been spectacular, though like I said it could just be a coincidence and there is no way to know how he would be doing if we had not added it. We had also tried other anti-inflamatory drugs with only modest results.

    Here are a couple articles on Ketotifen and TNF-alpha:

    Ketotifen inhibits the production and secretion of TNF-alpha in PBMC-cultures of HIV-infected patients.

    Ketotifen in HIV-infected patients: effects on body weight and release of TNF-alpha.

  2. Natasa says:

    We also use oral ketotifen with great results. Word of warning though for kids with epilepsy as histamine blockers can apparently lower seizure threshold.

    • Excellent reminder, but of course the effect on seizure may be related to drug interactions as well. Seizures are classic channelopathies and are influences by a variety of channel gating events. I think they can be used with consideration to all the variables.

  3. Rolando Marriott says:

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work in helping children with this disease/condition.

    My apologies if I am forward but I came across this from a foxnews interview. I followed the link.

    Is this doctor on to something else to the puzzle?

    • I disagree with much of what Dr Goldberg is attempting to claim regarding viral immune issues. He has always blamed Herpes class viruses (HHV6) based on a misunderstanding of virology. I referenced this in earlier posts to this blog. the drugs he recommends have NO activity against HHV6. I do think viral persistence has a place in ASD,but not the way it is explained by Goldberg and not the viruses he claims. HHv6 is an unlikely cause of autism or chronic fatigue syndrome. He also uses IgG titers to virus to gauge his therapies and this is of absolutely no value in determining outcome from treatment. IgG titers vary significantly over time.

  4. MP says:

    Thank you! Ketotifen has helped immensely for my son.
    Immediately after his allergy shots he has congestion and behavioral changes-defiance, tantrums OCDs, hyperactivity and he seems totally off.
    Ketotifen has helped bring the symptoms down. Thank you!
    I noticed that all the allergy serum vials at the clinic are stored outside on a shelf. It is not refrigerated. Is it normal? The nurse punctures the vials and takes a tiny bit out on injections every single week.
    I remember reading about how Thimerosol was added to Flu shots as a preservative to help the vials last longer.
    Do you know if Thimerosol is added to the Allergy Serum as well? Is this normally how the vials are stored?
    I have been feeling very uneasy and would really appreciate any feedback-from anyone.
    Thank you so much!

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